Friday, February 27, 2009

Everything you wanted to know about Nova Scotia

Last week I started a new job. While sitting at my new desk opening up drawers and leafing through binders, I noticed a book sitting on a co-workers desk. I asked her if I could have a peak at it and she said "sure, it was cleaned out from your desk".

The book is called "Nova Scotia Book of Everything" and it's chock full of tidbits, slang words, best beaches, famous Nova Scotian's etc.

Nova Scotia Book of Everything

Here are a couple interesting things I found while leafing through 176 pages:

* In 1901, Nova Scotia was the first province in Canada to manufacture cars - long before Ontario.

* That lobster was considered a "poor man's food", an everyday meal that children grudgingly took in their school lunches.

* The most winter lightning in Canada occurs in an area just south of Sable Island in the Atlantic Ocean.

Now I'm going to give the book back, it's week #2 and I still have to make a good first impression :)


Queenie said...

I saw that book in a store at Christmas time and thought - cool, must come back and get a copy some time when I have money to spend on myself.

And now I can't remember which store... it looked like a great book though.

Authentic Seacoast said...

Some great tidbits there. Makes sense Nova Scotia was the first province to manufacture cars. We have some of the best drives!

Sagar Thulung said...

Nova Scotia is beautiful and Cabot Trail is the best place. I enjoyed a lot. I don't post blogs anymore but here is the link of the trip.

Margo, Bill, Liam, and Ella said...

thanks for the gift idea, dad loves these kind of books