Thursday, November 20, 2008

Grohmann Knives, Pictou, Nova Scotia

On a recent visit to Pictou, I just had to take a picture of the knife jutting out of the building at the Grohmann Knives Outlet. Whenever I visit the town of Pictou and drive by this location, my question always is, "who threw this knife?"

Grohmann Knives Limited is a small family-owned business in Nova Scotia. To these guys, making knives is as much an art as a trade. Their top quality knives are produced with as many as 53 steps between starting point & finished product.

When my sister got married and received a set of Grohmann knives as a present, I grew to realize that these are superior knives. In fact, they are the only knives I use in my kitchen. Nothing cuts my homemade bread better.

I often take advantage of the blade sharpening clinics that take place in various parts of the province.

Next time in Pictou, take a free factory tour. It's a "cut above the rest" (okay, I couldn't resist!)

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