Friday, November 7, 2008

What moves you while driving to work?

While many of you will reply "my car." I mean, what do you see along your daily commute that wows you?

For me, it's the Northwest Arm. Part of Halifax Harbour, the Northwest Arm (or "the Arm" to locals) measures approximately 3.5 km in length and 0.5 km in width and defines the western side of the Halifax Peninsula.
With the Dingle Tower in the distance and the Armdale Yacht Club to the right, while creeping in traffic along Quinpool Rd, my gaze often veers to the right. It's a good thing I'm the passenger because I'd have my share of fender benders.

Every day is different. In the morning, the tide may be very high or a kayaker will be out for a paddle or you'll see storm clouds blowing out to sea. A couple days last week, a duck has been spotted standing on the sidewalk, people nervously drive by hoping he doesn't decide to make a waddle/run for it and cross the street to get to water. On the way home, and coming from the opposite direction, it's refreshing to see the water as you round the turn going down the hill toward the roundabout (formerly known as the rotary).

What is your "wow" that you drive by every day?


Margo, Bill, Liam, and Ella said...

Beautiful picture Maria. Makes me homesick

Margo, Bill, Liam, and Ella said...

Beautiful pictures, makes me home sickl