Thursday, December 11, 2008

Canada's Best Smoked Salmon (from Nova Scotia)

Willy Krauch's Smoked Salmon and Smoked MackerelGrowing up on Nova Scotia's Eastern Shore, I was aware that there was famous Danish smokehouse just up the road. So when time came for me to host a holiday brunch and wanted to make a smoked salmon quiche, there was no choice but to use salmon from J Willy Krauch's and Sons.

So off I went to my trusted Canadian Living website to search for recipes and came across a Smoked Salmon and Asparagus Quiche recipe. This quiche was simple to make but difficult to contain my urge to nibble on the salmon. I went a little overboard and made four quiches but knew they'd freeze well if there were leftovers, there barely were any.

J. Willy Krauch & Son's Smokehouse smokes high quality Atlantic salmon, mackerel and eels in traditional Scandinavian style. Their newest flavour is lemon pepper and garlic mackerel or try others such as Cajun or Maple Pepper. You will find other delicacies such as smoked herring, smoked eels and smoked trout. Their products are available in most grocery stores in Nova Scotia.

Willy Krauch came to Canada from Denmark and began smoking fish in 1956. Willy developed a method that was uniquely his own and using only Nova Scotia hard wood kindling and sawdust. Willy passed away several years ago and the business is now run by his sons. They continue the fine craft of smoking the finest quality fish. In the tiny village of Tangier, Nova Scotia (about 1 hour 20 minutes outside of Halifax) you can see smoke billowing from the smokehouse. Tours are available but I recommend contacting them first.

The local rumor is that they ship their gourmet fish to famous people all over the world, royalty included. If you don't live in Nova Scotia, they'll even ship it to you.

To Order:
J. Willy Krauch & Son's Smokehouse
Tangier, Nova Scotia - Eastern Shore
Phone: 1-902-772-2188
Toll Free: 1-800-758-4412 or 1-800-299-9414
No website available


aliceinparis said...

I love their smoked mackerel:)

Penny R said...

"willy" is my grandfather!

Glad you enjoy it, and a great write up indeed!

Anonymous said...

I was vacationing in NS 25 years ago and happened upon Willie's place. I also had the pleasure to meet and visit with him for an hour or more. A wonderful visit and the best smoked fish I have ever had any where in the world. I went back to NS a few years ago and had the opportunity to meet one of his sons. Don't remember which one but he was as nice as his father. The fish was still the best and I continue to order his fish during the holidays. I recommend his smoked fish to any one who thinks that they have had the best...

Peter from Texas

Anonymous said...

I just moved to Wolfville NS and I'm hooked. I eat this stuff on a weekly basis. Lemon Pepper Salmon is definatly my favourite

LadyE said...

I'm from Nova Scotia living in Korea. I have been scouring the Interet to find somewhere to get smoked eel for my Dad in Halifax. I am going to give Willy and email. I know his stuff is fantastic.

Anonymous said...

The best (and only) smoked eel that I ever had. I was always resistant to try it but after I did I'm glad. Now my road trips consist of a visit to Willie's and bring home treats to share with my friends....well what makes it home that is! Best smoked salmon as well, and I know my salmon! Friendly place to visit too! Road trip tomorrow...see you then!

Robin from Dartmouth NS

rosie said...

I visited Willy's a couple of years ago when traveling with a friend from Halifax. The salmon we ate that day is something I think about often, it was truely a delight! I am planning another visit to Nova Scotia in 4 weeks and Willy's will certainly be on our schedule of things to eat. I can hardly wait!