Tuesday, December 30, 2008

Destination Guy's Frenchys

Guy's Frenchys"I won't buy anything from a bin", this is what an out of province relative said when Guy's Frenchys was described to her. The idea of buying used clothing was not appealing at all to her, in fact it was appalling. The eco-conscious will say it's "recycled clothing", I say roll up your sleeves and dig in.

Recently, I went on a "Frenchys run" where we started in Digby one day and traveled along the Evangeline Trail to the Yarmouth and Acadian Shores Region the next. Through villages such as Meteghan, Saulnierville and Church Point.

6 Guy's Frenchys in 36 hours, a new record.

Here's what I got:
3 sweaters (American Eagle, Banana Republic and Aeropostale),
2 hoodies (both Aeropostale)
1 blouse (Banana Republic)
3 shirts (Banana Republic, Gap and H&M)
= one happy camper who paid a fraction of the cost for gently used clothing

Guy's Frenchys BinsThere are so many diamonds in the ruff just waiting to be grabbed. Seasoned "Frenchys" goers have a particular method of how they sort through the clothing. Just like how you may have a strategy for hanging clothes on your clothesline or how you unload your dishwasher. It's fascinating to watch them but then again, there's no time to waste, there are diamonds to be found!

Most of what you sort through will be quickly passed over. Hold tight because every hour, on the hour, there is a new arrival of goods that are tossed in the bins. Clothes, toys and household items are checked over by staff many times for quality. Some items still have the original store tags on them.

FrenchysWhat started as a small store in Digby Guy's Frenchys has expanded to 18 stores throughout Nova Scotia and New Brunswick processing thousands of pounds of clothing daily. I've heard that many girlfriends take weekend Frenchys getaways, stopping at various locations along their pre-planned route. Even travel tour companies offer Guy's Frenchys motorcoach tours.

Oh, remember that relative who said she'd never shop from a bin? They say it took her 20 minutes to convert, only after finding a designer cocktail dress. This new convert joins the rest of the evangelists.


Anonymous said...

I don't know what I would do without Frenchys for the past 20 years. My "treasures" go everywhere; I have found treasures for every occasion. Every Frenchys experience is certainly a great stress management tool. When in need of retail therapy, Frenchys is a must do.

Margo, Bill, Liam, and Ella said...

I have always been jealous of the successful Frenchy shoppers. I now envy you.....you have had a successful Frency shopping trip.

Margo, Bill, Liam, and Ella said...
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Terri said...

Hi Maria - great post about Frenchys. My three kids, Girl, Boy, Girl, ages 19, 16, 14 were 'brought up' on Frenchys and still refuse to shop anywhere else, which amazes me now!

Our extended family has also been doing a fun thing at Christmas every year for the past 8 years. We draw names (like many families) but the gift has to come from Frenchys. We get a card in the draw with the person's height, shirt, shoe sizes, etc. then have a whole year to find something.

It's been HUGE fun and has really taken the commericial aspect and the cost of gift giving done to virtually nothing.

Highlights over the years have included: a hammock for $3, fur trimmed coat for $4, assorted New Year's eve party clothes, etc.

My younger daughter has outfitted cast of her school musicals for years from Frenchys too. The 'right outfit'always just appears!!