Friday, April 24, 2009

Melmerby Beach Provincial Park

"The warmest water North of the Carolinas" - Melmerby Beach is located along Nova Scotia's Northumberland Shore. Along the Sunrise Trail and minutes from New Glasgow.

Ever wonder why the water at this mile long beach is warm? I set out to find the answer and after some digging, here's what I found. Wikipedia says that the Northumberland Strait is shallow in depth and that likely explains why water in some areas can heat up to 25C in the summer months. "It's just like bath water," we'd say as kids.

Here are a few pictures from a recent visit:

Melmerby Beach Provincial Park

Melmerby Beach Provincial Park

Melmerby Beach Provincial Park


Gifted Typist said...

My cottage is about five miles up the coast from "The Merb" and the water is heavenly. I grew up spending summers there and to me it's normal to have ocean waters that temp. Imagine my surprise when I tried to go swimming on the South Shore!

Anonymous said...

Great info on one of my favorite beaches and awesome photos as well! Really enjoy getting your blog in my email - keep it going Maria!

Kimberly said...

Gorgeous pics! I've only been on this shore a couple of times but have really enjoyed the warmth and beauty this part of the province has to offer.

Brian said...

Where is that line from, "warmest waters north of....". I have heard that all my life.. Going swimming in liverpool made me believe it.