Wednesday, September 24, 2008

Between a rock and a soft seat

Economy, Nova Scotia

Today, I decided to venture off the Trans Canada Highway and meander through the communities of Bass River and Five Islands on my way to Parrsboro. Route #2, "The Glooscap Trail", hugs the coast of the Minas Basin. This area is known for its powerful tides, courtesy of the Bay of Fundy. This is a route where drivers wish they were passengers so they can fully appreciate the scenery.

I knew that I just had to pull over, somewhere, anywhere. So just outside the village of Lower Economy and just before Five Islands Provincial Park, I turned left at Soley Cove Road. This windy gravel road, led past farmers fields to a large guard rail. Now, one knows a of popular spot when you notice the car tire prints from the hundreds of cars who also stopped there before you.

After soaking up the beauty of the Bay of Fundy, I jumped back in my car and drove about 500 meters to a dead end. It was also where a funky coach was sitting in a field. As a friend often informs me, it must've been "good garbage week". Because for someone, this couch would be a real "find".

I like to think this couch is saying, "enjoy the scenery, with the comfort of home".


Kristen said...

You ALWAYS manage to come across cool photo ops!

What's your secret?!?

Terri said...

Hi Maria - good on ya for taking the 'road less traveled'...that's also where those CTC profiles don't match up. (I did the survey and I seem to be all three types!!)

Soley Cove is one of my favourite spots on Fundy; partly for the flower pots but - if you climb down the rocks there by that flowerpot - for the sculpted sandstone cliffs of the beach. You can actually walk back to 5 Islands Prov Park via the beach - takes a couple of hrs and must be done as the tide is going out or you will be big time stranded and cliff climbing if the tide comes it.

Nice to discover your blog.
Terri (the Fundy blogger)

Anonymous said...

Hey Maria - I recognize this fabulous lump of red rock with trees! A month ago the family and I stayed at cottages just down the coast from here. We came across "lump-fabulous" while out on a day excursion. When we were there, some locals were climbing back up from the beach to the road with a huge sea bass they caught off the rocks. Amazed at the sight of the big silver fish, my kids asked, "What does it taste like?"

"Chicken!" they replied.

Next time we'll try to find the soft comfy seat!