Wednesday, September 17, 2008

Peggy's Cove in 15 minutes

Fishing boats on the way to the lighthouseToday I had the chance to go to Peggy's Cove for work-related business. Once I finished my tasks, and before jumping in the car for a 25 minute drive back to Halifax, I wanted to spend a couple minutes with "Peggy".

This small fishing village is a photographer's paradise. Every where you turn there's a photo op. Today's blue sky made it perfect but, then again, fog would have added mystique and drama. Even the local fisherman working on their boats while tourists watched were photogenic.Boats and buoy

Everything in Peggy's Cove is a stones throw away. You can walk anywhere and everywhere there isn't a "private road" sign. There is a mix of cars and people along the windy paved road leading up the hill and eventually to the rocks.

A fisherman's glove caught my eye, doesn't it look like it's reaching for something? The tide was low during my brief visit and the water in the small cove was calm but just around the corner, it was a different story with wind and surf. So interesting to see how just a few feet away from this protected cove there were white caps.Reaching out

My 15 minute break is up. I'll start walking back to the car now.

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