Sunday, November 9, 2008

Making Nautical Wreaths

A few years ago, I took a nautical rope wreath workshop at the Maritime Museum of the Atlantic. The museum holds these workshops every November and if you're interested, you'd better sign up early. This rope wreath is really known as the "Turk's Head Knot".

So, this past weekend, with a good set of instructions in hand and 100 feet of 1/2 inch Manila rope, my sister and I made rope wreaths. I had the rope cut into 25 foot lengths (to make 4 wreaths). This rope smells wonderful but it can give you splinters that's why many people wear garden gloves. Manila rope is relatively easy to find, after a couple phone calls I found it at the Army Navy Store on Agricola St. in Halifax. It was a whopping 26 cents per foot :)

Once you stumble through the first steps of weaving the wreath starts to take shape. These step by step instructions guided us and working on the floor is best so you can spread out. Your knees will likely complain.

After about 15 minutes, here is the end product. I quickly moved on to finish the other three wreaths and then started looking around my fathers garage. I was on a roll. Interestingly enough, my father is sweet on collecting rope. Eureka! I made three more wreaths made from rope that, at one time, was tied to lobster traps. To me, this only adds more character.

Check out this video on You Tube for step by step instruction on how to tie a Turk's Head Knot:

If you live in Halifax, you can sign up for a workshop at the Maritime Museum.


Anonymous said...

Do you know where I could purchase a wreath like you made? It's beautiful! I have searched all over and I cannot find one in my area. I'm not too crafty. Thanks.

Anonymous said...

really nice! Thanks for sharing

MomInTraining3 said...

I love this! Thank you for sharing. My biggest question is where do you start the first pretzel knot? in the middle?
Thanks for sharing

Maria McGowan said...

Thanks for all your comments. These make awesome Christmas gifts (with a bright red bow).

Start the pretzel knot in the middle.