Sunday, September 21, 2008

Paradise, Nova Scotia

Ever been to Paradise?

Well, I can say that now I've been to Paradise. I was there long enough to snap a picture. I can't say that I felt any different during my brief visit. I didn't feel any sense of euphoria, I didn't burst out in exultation. Certainly didn't hear angels singing. But maybe that was because thirty minutes before I reached Paradise, I got a speeding ticket. Wouldn't it have been interesting to get one in Paradise? I would've framed it.

You should go. Take your time. I know I will.

How to get there: Paradise (Nova Scotia) is on Trunk Highway #1, (Evangeline Trail) about 7 minutes outside Bridgetown. Take exit 20 off Hwy 101 and take a left if coming from Halifax or a right if coming from Yarmouth.

Download: Fundy Shore & Annapolis Valley Driving Guide (4.41MB)

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Radu Rautescu said...

Nice place, Paradise. As I was driving on the highway I saw a sign saying "Paradise next right" and I didn't take a picture of it, I would like to frame THAT one. Did you happen to snap one?